You're safe with us.


The Lead Boutique applies comprehensive fraud-prevention technology to deliver an unmatched level of security and quality for our buyers. The Lead Boutique regulates fraud so that it never reaches the end buyer. Quality control procedures are employed to prevent invalid leads from reaching our buyers.

  • All procured leads pass through a multi-step verification process
  • IP addresses are matched to ensure accurate submission.
  • Our technology screens out illegitimate sources.
  • We track accurate lead counts and prevent duplicate leads.
  • Our unified posting system decreases technical errors that often result in lost leads and revenue.

The Lead Boutique uses intelligence gathered from our lead exchange technology to create a fraud-free Marketplace.

  • Our I.T team tracks the originating URL for every ad to recognize and exterminate fraudulent sources before they become a problem.
  • This, combined with sub ID tracking for each affiliate, enables in-depth traffic optimization.
  • Your personal data is never shared with a 3rd party
  • Your lead data is never shared with a 3rd party
  • Your reports are never shared with a 3rd party

Inbound Call Generation Monitor the results of your inbound call campaigns through our integrated call tracking technology.

  • Create an extensive IVR to prescreen callers before they are connected with your company.
  • Receive accurate, real-time reporting of number of calls delivered, call duration and originating phone numbers.
  • Use minimum billable duration setting to ensure that your sales force has enough time to qualify prospects before calls become billable.
  • Access voice files to ensure quality control.

Live Transfers While this model is already designed to deliver the highest quality leads, The Lead Boutique goes a step further by providing you with additional checks and balances. Know that your company image is protected.

  • Access voice files of all transfers.
  • Compliance screening ensures that all FTC and CRTC outbound calling guidelines are followed.

Click Traffic The Lead Boutique goes a step beyond industry standards to ensure the delivery of superior traffic for your cost per click campaigns.

  • Clicks generated through proxy servers are automatically blocked.
  • Bot-initiated clicks are tracked and removed.
  • Isolation of unique vs. multiple clicks.
  • Advertiser sets the unique click frequency cap.
  • A proprietary suite of fraud controls specific to Cost-Per-Call campaigns continually monitor click quality.